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The Air It Up Controller is a simple solution that will easily allow you to dial your specific air pressure in at one central point that will ensure that all of your tires equalize and are set to the exact same time pressure.

With our ADS Controller and Bracket Kits along with your choice of an ARB CKMTA12 or VIAIR 400CC Compressor, you will now be air it down to all 4 of your tires all with a flip of a switch. It’s that simple. It’s that easy.

Ever wonder why most people avoid setting the proper tire pressure when they’re driving either on or off-road? The answer is likely because, it’s a hassle. People avoid setting the proper tire pressure because you have to sit down or bend over at each individual tire and try to make sure that you set each one to the exact same pressure as the others. Wish there was a solution that made this daunting task ever so simple? Well, we’ve got you covered. Introducing Up Down Air Systems, just what you need to easily equalize all your tires to the same tire pressure in a few simple steps.

Up Down Air’s new Jeep & Ford Raptor Air It Up ® product is a game-changer that will make this necessary task easy, fun and 100% hassle-free, all while making sure all of your tires are accurately set when your using your Air It Up Systems. So now when you’re going out to play with your vehicle in the sand, dirt, overlanding or crawling, you can air up or down to the proper tire pressure easily and quickly. Then when returning to the road, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can drive home with properly inflated tires.4


Remember, driving on improperly inflated tires can cause them permanent damage. When you’re driving on pavement you want to make sure you have your proper 4 tire pressures. It’s the same thing when you’re driving off-road as well. Now you can go easily switch between the proper on and off-road tire pressures in just a few easy steps using Up Down Air Systems.

The new Up Down Air Systems ADS Controller makes this step easy, simple, safe, and accurate, enabling you to air up all four of your tires all at the same time. The Air It Up® Controller features an air pressure regulator that enables you to dial in your exact tire pressure, set it and forget it. The tire pressure gauge shows you the air pressure. Another great feature is the air down feature. This feature allows you to air down all of your tires at the same time making it easy to prep your tires for off-road use.

There are many factors that will influence your inflation and deflation times. The main factors for inflating your tires will be the type of compressor you are using and the size of your vehicles tires. Deflation times will normally be similar to inflation times, but will vary depending on vehicle weight.

Inflation Times


Four 40×13.50R17 Tires using dual Viair 400c Compressors

12psi to 24psi - 5 minutes
12psi to 27psi - 7 minutes
12psi to 33psi - 12 ½ minutes

Four 30×10.00R14 Tires using an ARB CKMTA12 compressor

9psi to 31psi - 5 minutes

Deflation Times


Four 40×13.50R17 Tires

30psi to 18psi - 7 minutes
30psi to 14psi - 10 minutes
30psi to 12psi - 12 minutes


Four 30×10.00R14 Tires
31psi to 9psi - 5 minutes