Q & A with Javier Blanchard

OVS wanted to highlight our customer base and ask a select few where some of their choice places for adventure.  This weeks spot light is Javier blanchard. 

1. What is your current Overland Vehicle you take out on your adventure trips? (Year, Make Model)
2006 Lexus GX470

2. What is your favorite Overland Destination?
Baja La Paz

3. What Overland Vehicle Systems products do you have on your Overland Vehicle?
Bushveld, 270 Awning, Overland Shower, OVS Trash Bag

4. Please tell us an overland story that is most memorable to you.
I seen pictures on social media of a beautiful waterfall where people would camp out. Toquerville Falls Utah

5. Does your adventures include camping with dogs? If yes, please advise ways to make it easier camping with a dog.
Yes we have a Yorkie

6. Who do you travel with? (No Names Needed)
90% my wife

7. What is your DREAM Overland Adventure?

8. What is your most favorite Overland Gear you can not live without while Overlanding? Why?
RTT cuz it’s a all season

9. Are you affiliated with any Overlanding Group? If so, which one?

10. What advise might you share with those that want to get into Overlanding for the 1st time?
To go with people who are active in overlanding so they can show you all the gear you will need out there.

When Overlanding in Mexico what advice would you give our customers?

When I go to Mexico I go to BAJA , All I can say is

1. Always get Mexican Insurance
2. Never drive at night
3. Treat the locals how you wanna be treated
4. Find a beautiful hidden beach cuz they are free to camp
5. Download offline maps
6. Garmim in-reach communicator
7. Make beautiful memories of Mexico
8. I’m not Mexican and I love going to Mexico