​How to Choose Roof Top Tent

​How to Choose Roof Top Tent

Thinking back to my childhood camping in the ’80s and ’90s meant sleeping on the hard ground with a rock or two bulging into your back. This was okay as a young person, as you get older, a bit more of the body hurts, and luckily the innovations in Roof Top Tent came along in my older years!

Sitting off the ground, on a truck bed rack, or the roof rails of your SUV, the Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tents are getting double-takes from the campers sleeping on the ground!

If you, your family are thinking about spending your hard-earned money buying an Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tent, Thank you. Here is what you might want to know.

Time to Deploy and Stow: Set Up Time and Put Away Time Is Quicker. Say goodbye to those multiple poles and grand stakes in the setup process of a ground tent.

Cleaner: The Overland Vehicle Systems Rooftop Tent mattress and mattress floor will stay cleaner longer than the ground tents. Shoes can be stowed in one of our two shoe pouches that hang on the outside rails of the Roof Top Tent.

Mattress: The Overland Vehicle Systems Rooftop Tents come with comfortable memory foam mattresses that range from 2.5” to 3”. Something the ground tents don’t come with!

Mother Nature: An Overland Vehicle Systems Rooftop Tent will keep you off the ground and out of the way of water getting into the floor of your ground tent….not to mention it will keep unwanted guests out of your Roof Top Tent.

Universal: A couple of items you will need to know are the weight capacity and dynamic weight capacity of your crossbar, roof rails, and/or your Truck Bed Rack. Then you will have a good direction on what Overland Vehicle Systems Rooftop Tent will work for you. If you require a Truck Bed Rack to mount your Rooftop Tent on, check out the two styles we have, our Freedom and Discovery.

Cost: Yes, the cost will be more with an Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tent compared to the ground tent. However, you will be able to move freely from campsite to campsite off the grid, state parks, beaches, etc. We offer the ability to use Affirm and/or any of our dealers offer a similar program when purchased. Yet the Overland Vehicle Systems RTT is significantly cheaper than the cost of an RV, Travel Trailer, or Motorhome

Don’t Forget: An Overland Vehicle Systems Rooftop Tent Annex Room! What is an Annex Room? An Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tent Annex room is a four-wall, has a zip-up door, a removable floor that attaches to the outside perimeter of your ladder overhang on your RTT. The Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tent Annex room will allow for extra storage space, a place to change clothing, and other features to make your time in a Roof Top Tent amazing.

Aerodynamics: Depending on the application and style of Roof Top Tent you are looking in purchasing, keep in mind you’ll be putting a little drag on the top of your vehicle with a Roof Top Tent. Here are some solutions to help overcome aerodynamics. Meet the Bushveld Overland Vehicle Systems Hard-Shell Roof Top Tent. It is sleek, low profile, and the most aerodynamic Rooftop Tent in the Overland Vehicle Systems family of Roof Top Tents. Choosing the right adjustable Truck Bed Rack to position the Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tent below the Truck Roof Line is key. The Overland Vehicle Systems Freedom Bed Rack is an excellent choice to mount your RTT on.

As you consider the purchase of a Roof Top Tent, we hope that you choose ours.

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